Web Projects SS

Some of the web projects I’ve made over the last few years…

This website is built on a modified version of the pure theme by gt3. While the modifications are cosmetically minor, they are deep in the weeds of the php.

MA State Rep. Jay Livingstone

I put together a constituent and campaign websites for Massachusetts State Rep. Jay Livingstone. Both have been updated by others over the years. I built the original wordpress sites with a bit of custom php, which I turned into a published wordpress plugin.

Random Gallery

Random Gallery is a published wordpress plugin that takes a large list of photos and randomly selects however many photos you’d like to display.

If you pass a list of twenty photos to the Jetpack tiled gallery, the result will be a huge tiling that will take over your page. By using Random Gallery, you can have a list of many photos, but only pass a small number to Jetpack.


Business Man is a super high powered business man who loves to tweet out all his great startup ideas. In reality, it’s a bot (of course) that randomly picks a business name and a hobby to construct pitches in an all too familiar form:

  • Itʼs like The Hartford Financial Services Group, but for Collecting Hats.
  • Itʼs like Halliburton Company, but for Ziplining.
  • Itʼs like Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, Inc., but for Zumba.


Klorf is a sandbox where I’ve been putting experiments in WebGL / three.js.