Bubble Task

Bubble Task is a simple project management tool. Assign tasks to team members and track progress at a glance. Bubble Task is a full stack app, hand coded with node, express, mongo, passport, and react. Click the image below to launch Bubble Task.
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KLORF is a web toy developed in three.js as a first step towards a city planning tool that we are discussing with our friends at Click the image below to launch KLORF. Be sure to play with the sliders and click and drag on the box(es).
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99 Lines

99 Lines. The outer ends precess clockwise. The inner ends precess counter-clockwise at half the rate. Simple rules create entrancing patterns. Programmed in the Processing language. Displayed at Projector Party II; Somerville, MA; 2014. View the code boolean toggleLoop = false;   void setup() {   noLoop();   frameRate(80);   size(800, 800);   fill(255,255,255,255);   strokeWeight(3); }   void draw() {     background(#ffffff);   noStroke();   ellipse(width/2, height/2, 0.99*min(width, height), 0.99*min(width, height));   stroke(0,0,0,255);     float revCount = 6300; // multiple of 300     int numEnds = 99; // multiple of 3   float endRadius = 0.97*min(width/2, height/2);     float[] startX = new float[numEnds];   float[] startY = new float[numEnds];   float[] endX = new float[numEnds];   float[] endY = new float[numEnds];     for (int i = 0; i < numEnds; i = i+1) {     startX[i] = width/2+endRadius/2*cos(i*TWO_PI/numEnds-(frameCount-1)*TWO_PI/revCount);     startY[i] = height/2+endRadius/2*sin(i*TWO_PI/numEnds-(frameCount-1)*TWO_PI/revCount);     endX[i] = width/2+endRadius*cos(i*TWO_PI/numEnds+2*(frameCount-1)*TWO_PI/revCount);     endY[i] = height/2+endRadius*sin(i*TWO_PI/numEnds+2*(frameCount-1)*TWO_PI/revCount);   }     for (int i = 0; i < numEnds; i = i+1) {     line(startX[i], startY[i], endX[i], endY[i]);   }      if (toggleLoop == false) {       textBox();   }   }   […]
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