Web Projects

Please note that this information is provided to inform clients and potential clients of Greenwold & Co. LLC about the design and technical interests of David Greenwold. Any services described were provided by David personally, not by the LLC. Any tips are directed to David personally, not to the LLC.

This website is built on a modified version of the pure theme by gt3. While the modifications are cosmetically minor, they are deep in the weeds of the php.

MA State Rep. Jay Livingstone

The Livingstone Dispatch is a constituent site I put together for Massachusetts State Rep. Jay Livingstone. I also updated the Representative’s campaign website. These wordpress sites are built on child themes of the make theme by themefoundry.

Modifications include custom php, some of which was turned into a wordpress plugin.

Random Gallery

Random Gallery is a wordpress plugin that takes a large list of photos and randomly selects however many photos you’d like to display.

I wrote it for the Livingstone Dispatch as a front end for the Jetpack tiled gallery. If you pass a list of twenty photos to the tiled gallery, the result will be a huge tiling that will take over your page. By using Random Gallery, you can have a list of many photos, but only pass a small number to Jetpack.

The plugin is hosted at If you’ve given it a try, please send your feedback. Tips are appreciated.


Business Man is a super high powered business man who loves to tweet out all his great startup ideas. In reality, it’s a bot (of course) that randomly picks a business name and a hobby to construct pitches in an all too familiar form:

  • Itʼs like Ally Financial, but for Shark Fishing.
  • Itʼs like Halliburton Company, but for Ziplining.
  • Itʼs like Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company,Inc., but for Zumba.


Klorf is a sandbox where I’ve been putting experiments in WebGL / three.js.